EGYPTIAN MUSK Fragrance Oil For Men

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Enduring Aroma

Enduring Aroma

Lavish Fragrance

Lavish Fragrance

Great Packaging

Great Packaging

Top Rated

Top Rated

Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil, 100% Pure with Rich and Long-Lasting Aroma

Relieve stress and anxiety, and enjoy a fragrant warm scent with pure Egyptian Musk Oil.

BargzOils musk oil is the best of the crop – with its signature rich fragrance that lasts all day long. Specially sourced from musk and other ingredients native to Egypt, the Bargzoils musk oil is 100% pure. This high grade Egyptian white musk essential oil is ideal for burning. Simply add a few drops to the burner and your bathroom or home will enjoy an exquisite, long-lasting aroma.

Extracted From:

Rose Petal

Origin of Musk Oil

Egyptian musk oil was referenced in ancient Egyptian books. It was an animal-based product containing natural musk (sourced from deer). The use of glandular secretions of musk deer in perfumes was however outlawed in 1979. Since then, plant based sources are used to extract natural musk oil that is similar to the original (musk deer) Egyptian perfume.

Recommended Fragrance Usage

The percentages detailed below show our maximum recommended fragrance usage in the corresponding finished products.

Potpourri and Incense: Use 50% Maximum
Vegetable and Paraffin Wax: Use 10% Maximum
Lotions and Perfumes: Use 5% Maximum
Soaps, Bath Oils, Bath Gels: Use 5% Maximum
Cleaning Products: Use 4.1% Maximum

Product Disclosure

Flash Point – 200F
Strong, long lasting odor
No Animal Testing
No Alcohol
Gel Wax Compatibility – No
Phthalate Free – No


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