Zekpro Parmesan Cheese Sharp Zester for Vegetables, Fruits Dishwasher Safe Black Handle

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About This Item
  • ZEKPRO LEMON ZESTER AND CHEESE GRATER - are you looking for the best tool for zesting lemons and grating cheese? This 2-in-1 kitchen utensil is made of razor-sharp 18/8 food-grade stainless steel that for fine and easy zesting, and grating of lemons, cheese, coconut, potato, chocolate, and different kinds of fruits and vegetables for your delicious dishes.

  • ZEKPRO ZESTER AND GRATER WITH AN ERGONOMIC BLUE HANDLE - do you want a kitchen utensil that you can use safely? This zester and grater tool has a blue handle with an ergonomic design that gives a comfortable grip. It is also non-slip to prevent accidents and injuries while zesting or grating. Hold this tool firmly and confidently as you zest lemon or grate cheese for your dishes.

  • PROTECTIVE BLADE COVER FOR EASY STORAGE - do you want a kitchen tool that you can store easily? This kitchen utensil is perfect for you. It has a protective blade cover for safe and easy storage. It also has a hole on the handle for hanging on hooks or on the wall. This convenient and space-saving tool is perfect for your kitchen.

Cooking is fun especially when you are preparing dishes for your loved ones. However, it can be a tedious chore as well if you don't have the right kitchen utensils to use. Kitchen utensils are created to make meal preparations easier and simpler. One useful tool in the kitchen is the zester and grater. A little different from the ordinary grater, a zester is designed to remove fine shreds of zest from citrus fruits like lemons. It can also finely grate cheese, garlic, ginger, chocolates, coconuts, and other kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The new Zekpro zester and grater is a must-have utensil in your kitchen. The razor-sharp stainless steel blade won't rust, making your food preparation clean and safe. It has a long narrow shape and unique curved sides. This kitchen tool is extremely rigid and allows you to apply more force when necessary. The ergonomic design of the blue handle makes it easy to hold. It is also non-slip that gives a good grip, avoiding accidents and injuries while using this tool.

Cleaning and maintaining this kitchen utensil won't be a problem at all. The teeth of the metal grater won't clog up with food so it's pretty easy to clean. Just wash it under running water and scrub lightly with your hand or with a sponge. This tool can also be washed in the dishwasher along with the other dishes. For convenient storing, attach the protective blade cover and use the hole in the handle to hang it on the wall or on a hook.

With this versatile utensil, you can add zest to your dishes without the bitter pith taste. You can also come up with a pile of finely grated cheese that would melt instantly on top of hot pasta. Try out different recipes with the help of this handy and reliable Zekpro lemon zester and cheese grater that you can also use with many other kinds of food.

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