Birthday Cake Flower Candles with Happy Birthday Music Rotating Setup - Blue

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  • This is a new trend for birthday candles. The Birthday Candle is designed like a blooming lotus flower. It contains different effects that a normal birthday candle cannot do. Being both aesthetic and functional is something that this different candle can do.
  • The last process of this birthday candle is playing a loud happy birthday song that can set the crowd’s mood in an instant. It can set the visitors in amazement because this is something new for candles to achieve.
  • This Birthday Candle has a firework sparkling effect in the middle to help set the other birthday candles on fire. Stay 50cm away when lighting this candle because the sparkles can also be harsh for the eyes when exposed for a long time.
  • This is the solution to your problem! Just light the central flame of the inner candle and then the sparkle from that will do the rest: light other surrounding candles and then proceed to auto-playing the happy birthday music.
  • Get a flower-shaped Birthday Candle that is made up of plastic. It will not bend or break easily like a normal candle. You can surely enjoy all the surprises this amazon candle can bring to the party.


1. Just light the center of the candle and it will start to bloom. Note: The candlelight doesn’t follow the usual process of lighting.

2. You’ll need to light up the center of the flower which will spark to infest the other birthday candles that are installed on the petals

3. Once everything is lighted up, the petals will start to lower down signifying a blooming action in flowers.;

4. When the petals are completely formed, it will start to rotate as the happy birthday music automatically plays continuously.


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