Double Edge Razor Blades for Women, Reusable Pink Rose Gold Stainless Steel Precision Trimmer Heavy Duty Non-slip Long handle with 10 Blades

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About This Item
  • PREMIUM-QUALITY DOUBLE EDGE STAINLESS RAZOR - are you looking for a razor that will give you the perfect shave? Get this Nylea double edge razor with stainless steel that ensures a clean, smooth shave. The double edge razor gives more control and prevents irritations, giving your money’s worth

  • A LONG, NON-SLIP HANDLE FOR A BETTER GRIP - do you want to have a safe shaving experience? This Nylea razor is perfect for you. It has a long handle designed with a non-slip grip. You have a secure, controlled grip of the razor even with wet hands

  • THREE-PIECE DESIGN FOR EASY CLEANING - do you want to keep your razor clean at all times? This Nylea razor is the one for you. It has a three-piece design that is easy to disassemble, clean, and assemble. The high-quality material of this razor is also rust-resistant so you can wash it anytime you want

Shaving or the removal of hair using a razor or any bladed tool is important for hygiene. It is a more common practice among men to remove facial hair like the beard and the mustache. Women can also remove unwanted hair by shaving.

A really good shave requires a good quality razor. The Nylea double edge stainless steel razor is the perfect tool for your shaving needs. The double edge razor gives more control for a clean shave without irritations. Some razors can cause burns, ingrown hairs, and bumps on the skin. A double edge razor avoids these after-shave problems, giving you a clean, healthy skin after shaving.

The Nylea double edge razor has high-quality stainless steel that can easily and efficiently slice through hair, getting rid of unwanted hair fast and easy. The sharp, stainless steel ensures a smooth and effortless shave.

Shaving requires full control of the razor. To avoid and prevent accidents, you should always have good control of the razor as it glides on your skin and slices through the hair. One wrong move can cause a minor shaving accident. The Nylea razor has a long handle designed with a non-slip grip for better handling. You have a strong grip and full control of the razor even when your hands are wet.

Keep your razor clean by disassembling the three-piece design to remove hair and dirt. This razor is easy to disassemble, clean, and assemble. It is also rust-resistant so you can wash it anytime you want.

The Nylea razor is designed to last a lifetime. It is tough and durable and it comes with ten free blades. Simply replace the blade whenever needed for a smooth, clean shave. The rose gold color of this razor gives it a stylish, feminine touch that everyone, especially women will surely appreciate.

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