Incense Burner With Ash Catcher - Handmade

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Incense sticks are widely used in meditation and in many religious activities. The fragrance coming from the lighted incense sticks can deepen attention, heighten the senses, and uplift the spirit. Lighting incense sticks can enhance the atmosphere when meditating, praying, or reflecting.

It gives off a peaceful, calming scent that promotes relaxation, ease of mind, and body. Incense sticks are common in places of worship, temples, shrines, and spas. You can also burn your incense sticks at home whenever you want to focus or meditate. The handmade Wooden Incense Stick Holder is perfect for your home. It has one designated hole that can hold and burn one incense stick at a time.

The handmade Wooden Incense Stick Holder is very simple and convenient to use. Simply place the incense stick by inserting it into the designated hole. Light the end of the incense stick using a lighter or a match. Let the end of the stick burn for about 10 seconds before gently blowing out the flame. After blowing out the flame, the end of the stick should be glowing red and smoking.

This incense stick holder has a storage compartment designed to store incense sticks to keep them safe and dry while not in use. You don’t have to worry about where to keep your incense sticks because you can simply store them in the holder itself. This wooden holder also functions as the ash-catcher, preventing any mess and protecting furniture from heat and ashes. This incense stick holder is made of sturdy wood, making it stable, balanced, and durable. Lighting an incense stick is perfectly safe using this holder.

The handmade Wooden Incense Stick Holder is delicately designed and is handmade to perfection. It is an elegant and functional decorative piece. This incense holder is suitable for home, office, place of worship, and the spa. You can enjoy the many benefits and the ambiance created by lighting an incense stick.

HANDMADE WOODEN INCENSE STICK HOLDER - are you looking for a stylish way to burn your incense sticks? This wooden incense stick holder is handmade with beautiful, delicate designs. This wooden holder can hold one incense stick at a time, letting you experience the benefits of lighting incense sticks.

KEEP YOUR INCENSE STICKS SAFE AND DRY - do you want safe storage for your incense sticks? This wooden incense stick holder is not only for lighting but there is also a storage compartment with enough room for your other incense sticks. They will be kept dry and safely stored until they are ready to use.

SAFE AND CONVENIENT INCENSE STICK HOLDER - are you worried about the mess after lighting an incense stick? Handmade Wooden Incense Stick Holder is very convenient. It is easy to use and the holder catches the ash and prevents mess, protecting furniture from damages.

A MULTIFUNCTIONAL AND DECORATIVE HOLDER - do you want to have an incense holder with many functions? This incense holder can hold one incense stick at a time. The compartment functions as storage for other incense sticks. The beautiful and delicate design of this handmade wooden holder makes it a decorative piece at home, office, or spa.

KEEP A STURDY WOODEN INCENSE STICK HOLDER - you get a stable and durable incense stick holder. If, for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, let us know and we’ll make it right for you. We are committed to satisfying our customers with our products and services.

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