Magic Inductive Truck [Follows Black Line] Magic Toy Car for Kids & Children � Best MINI Magic Pen Inductive Fangle Kids (Red-Train)

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First, draw the kind of track you want the toy to follow using the magic pen or a dark marker or crayon. Switch the ON button on the toy. Note: Since it is a new toy, there is a battery stopper installed and you must remove it by unscrewing the case where the battery is placed and then detach the small white paper in between the cell batteries. After switching the ON button, place the toy above the track that you drew. The toy will now run smoothly around following the track that you made. If the toy doesn’t follow the tracks properly, it’s probably because the markings you made are small and cannot be detected by the sensor. Try doubling the size of the marks and then try running your toy again.

  • MAGICAL INNOVATIVE CAR TOYS FOR KIDS - are you looking for the latest technology in car toys. This is the new trend that your kids will surely love. It is a toy car that moves through the concept of induction. It has sensors that detect any dark markings on a white path and processes it as tracks that it can follow along. The set comes with a magic ink that can make easily make markings for the toy to follow. 
  • EASY TO OPERATE EVEN FOR BEGINNERS - are you having difficulties in following instructions This toy has only two simple instructions to start enjoying. First, draw a track with the magical pen. Remove the battery cover and then switch on the toy. The toy will start following the track you drew once you put the toy down. Continuously enjoy your car toy! 
  • IT IS MADE UP OF DURABLE MATERIAL - are you wondering about the quality of this item. It is made up of sturdy durable plastic that won’t easily break. Your kids can surely enjoy this for a long time. You can witness the value of your money for the best toy in the market right now. 
  • COMES IN A COMPLETE PACKAGE - missing batteries when receiving a gift is surely annoying because you won’t be able to experience the toy immediately right The Magic Vehicle Inductive Truck is complete with batteries and necessary equipment to operate. You just need to remove the battery cover in between the batteries to start enjoying the toy! Avoid disappointment when giving gifts to your children or nephews now. 
  • FOLLOWS THE SPECIFIC TRAIL YOU DREW - are you looking for something that can train the motor skills of your child. This is a very interactive toy that can help! It has optical sensors underneath that can perfectly follow the drawn pattern. Kids will surely enjoy this smart toy while practicing their art skills by drawing different kinds of paths. 
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