Nylea Foot File Callus Remover, Premium Foot Rasp to Remove Hard Skin on Both Wet or Dry Feet. Professional Stainless Steel Files Remover Feet Scrubber

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About This Item
  • PROFESSIONAL FOOT FILE FOR DRY AND CALLOUSED FEET - Are you looking for a beauty tool for your dry, calloused, cracked heels? Get the Nylea Professional Foot File that can make not only your heels but your feet feel soft and smooth. Get rid of dry, hard skin with this foot file and be proud of your beautiful feet.

  • STAINLESS STEEL FILE WITH THE PERFECT BLADE SHARPNESS - Do you want to safely get rid of dry skin, dead skin, corns and calluses? This foot file is the perfect one for you. The stainless steel file surface with the ideal blade sharpness can instantly shave off the unwanted hard skin layers without any irritations.

  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE FOR A GOOD GRIP - Are you worried about the foot file slipping from your hands? No need to worry! The Nylea Professional Foot File has an ergonomic handle that gives a comfortable and non-slip grip for complete control. The handle coating comes in a brown color that gives this foot file a simple, classic look.

Do you have cracked heels or calloused feet? Cracked heels are a common foot problem. Anyone can
have cracked heels - adults and children, men and women. Although cracked heels, calluses, and
corns are not severe problems for most people, these conditions can cause discomfort. In extreme
cases, these cracks can become very deep and cause pain. Most of all, dry, hard skin, cracked heels,
calluses, and corns on the feet are not a good sight. These can limit you from enjoying slippers and
sandals, especially in the summer.

The Nylea Professional Foot File is a beauty tool that can effectively remove dry skin, dead skin, hard
skin, calluses, cracked heels, and corns on the feet. The high-quality stainless steel surface has the
perfect blade sharpness that instantly shave-off all those ugly, unwanted skin. The ergonomic,
rubber-coated handle gives a non-slip grip for complete control of the tool even when wet. The handle
has a pretty black color that gives this beauty tool a classic look.

The high-quality stainless steel file is anti-rust, making this foot file suitable for both dry and wet
skin. Shave off the dead skin on cracked heels while you are in the shower. The ergonomic handle will
give you a good grip even when your hands are wet. This foot file is also perfect for dry skin. Use it
on your feet any way you want.

The Nylea Professional Foot File is very versatile and convenient. It is lightweight and is very easy to
use. Soak your feet and use the foot file to scrape off dead skin, dry skin, and calluses. Save time and
money and give yourself a foot spa in the comfort of your own home. Pamper your feet and be proud
of how healthy and beautiful they are.

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