Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan [Keeps System Cool] Playstation Controller Charging Station with Dual Charger [NOT for PRO or Slim]

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CONVENIENT, ALL-IN- ONE CONSOLE WITH A VERTICAL STAND, DUAL COOLING FANS, CONTROLLER CHARING DOCKS, AND 3 USB HUB PORTS – are you looking for an original, reliable cooler stand to keep your PlayStation 4 from overheating? The Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand sports a dual USB charging station so you can simultaneously charge both your controllers, double cooling fans to keep your console operating optimally, and additional HUB ports so you can connect any other peripherals!
  • WHISTER QUIET FANS SO YOU CAN FOCUS ALL YOUR ATTENTION ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS - THE GAMEPLAY – are you looking for a PS4 cooling stand that doesn’t sound like a noise factory? You can now keep your PS4 console from overheating (and your table from burning) after long hours of gaming. The Ortz cooling fan works silently so you can focus your undivided attention on the gameplay during those intense sessions.
  • THE #1 MOST ELEGANT, USABLE AND RELIABLE ON-THE- GO PS4 STAND – do you want to rid your gaming table of cables and other clumsy accessories. You can now leverage an all-in- one supportive accessory that’ll make your gaming sessions longer and uninterrupted by a console that needs charging. Cool your console and simultaneously charge your consoles with the #1 most elegant PS4 vertical stand in the market right now.
  • YOU GET A POWERFUL-COOLER, NEAT, VERTICAL AND HIGH EFFICIENCY PS4 STAND, OR YOUR MONEY BACK – guarantee the longevity of your PS4 console with an accessory that delivers every time. The Ortz PS4 vertical stand is designed to provide maximum value for your money, and save you from a lot of hassle related to an overheated console, or controllers that are low on charge. Even better, you can now order this product risk free with our lifetime guarantee!
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