Ticonderoga Pencils #2, Pre-Sharpened Groove Dixon Ticonderoga 2 Pencil Triangular Graphite 10 Count for School Supplies and Craft Supplies (13058) 1 Pack

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Brand: Ticonderoga

Ticonderoga is a well-known brand that has been providing premium-quality writing instruments for more than 100 years. The pencils have an exclusive graphite feature that gives vivid greyish-black markings. The #2 pencils are soft and offer extra smooth performance when writing or drawing. They are the standard pencils used in tests and exams. You can rely on the sharp and solid markings of the graphite used in these pencils. They are perfect for writing, drawing, sketching, doodling, marking, and shading answers.

Triangular shaped pencils with grooves promote proper grip, even after sharpening. Children also benefit from triangular pencils because they quickly learn the tripod grasp when holding and using the pencil. The ergonomic design of Ticonderoga pencils provides comfort and convenience to anyone who uses them. Your hands won’t quickly get tired even after using the pencil for a long time.

Ticonderoga pencils use only premium wood that is sturdy and durable. They are very dependable because they don’t break easily. Ticonderoga triangular pencils can be sharpened quickly and conveniently using a standard sharpener. The premium wood casing ensures consistent, easy sharpening. The pencils are painted yellow, which helps children identify and recognize the typical color of pencils. The pencils have latex-free erasers that can clean away the pencil markings in no time.

Children, students, parents, and teachers prefer Ticonderoga pencils because they are reliable writing tools. They are safe and non-toxic. The pencils are easy to grip and control, especially for children. Ticonderoga pencils are indeed the world’s best.

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