Xbox One Controller Keyboard - 2.4ghz Wireless Mini Bluetooth Qwerty KeyPad

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Xbox One Controller Keyboard - 2.4ghz Wireless Mini Bluetooth Qwerty KeyPad

The Xbox One is one of the best video gaming consoles, challenged only by Sony’s PlayStation 4. Your Xbox One is the one device that facilitates all your gaming sessions, as well as lights up that ember of entertainment during your free time. Still, buying the Xbox One is just one in a series of significant step that you have to undergo before you can fully leverage the device. Video Gaming Accessories are tools designed and meant to make video gaming consoles much easier and convenient to use. While there are dozens of Xbox One accessories, the Xbox One controller keyboard is indeed one of the most popular. This accessory extends the functionality, ease of use and convenience of your Xbox One controllers, making those intense gaming sessions even better!

Why the Xbox One Controller Keyboard:

The Xbox One Controller Wireless Keyboard brings a wealth of features and functionality to your everyday gaming. You get to keep tabs with your gaming buddies on the go, while at the same time uploading your gaming progress to social media. More so, everyday gaming text input gets a lot easier. For just about $25, and a reputable brand name behind the product, this accessory is certainly worth the try!

Features & Benefits:

• Update your Profile – updating your profile has never been easier. This cool Xbox One controller accessory allows you to send emails, instant message your friends, send text messages and as well enter codes in a fluid and fast text input. This way, you get to spend more time on your Xbox One playing the actual game and interact with your gaming buddies rather than have to be distracted by using your smartphone to communicate. The idea behind the Xbox One Controller keyboard was to keep everything in one place towards an easier and more convenient gaming experience.

•Snappy Communication – with the easy to use text input, and convenient keyboard placement, communicating with your colleagues, relatives and gaming buddies on Xbox LIVE® has never been easier! Simply put, this Xbox One Controller accessory redefines ‘Snappy Communication’.

•Social Media in the Blink of an Eye – social media is part of the social gaming experience. You want to share your gaming milestones, strategic genius and overall progress with your lovers and haters on the social web. This cool Xbox One accessory makes that just possible. You can keep your Facebook and Twitter accounts updated in the blink of an eye.

• No More Cables. No Hassles – this Xbox One Controller Wireless Keyboard derives its power from the wireless controller handle. This way, there’s no need to reprovision. It’s simply plug and play!

• Superfast Wireless Protocol – although this might sound like one of those overly technical features nobody gives a damn about, it certainly makes all the difference. The Xbox One Controller Bluetooth keyboard works on a 2.4G wireless protocol that consistently guarantees seamless data transfer!

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