The Wicker Candle Holders Guide 101
Shopping for wicker candle holders can be stressful. There are many styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Not to mention their cost! Some can be ridiculously expensive, while others look cheap but low quality. Continue scrolling until the bottom to know what to look for when choosing wicker candle holders. This han..
Pheromones 101: The Science Behind Their Role In Human Behavior (FAQs)
Pheromones are not a new phenomenon. Humans have been using them and experiencing their effects for thousands of years. As a result, it can be hard to understand the roles of these chemicals in human behavior. A common question is whether there's any way to increase our pheromones' power naturally. This can be true for...
Why Is My Skin So Dry Even When I Moisturize?
Drying skin even with moisturizers? Folks, it's not you! It's your skin. The natural moisture on your skin dries out. Sounds crazy, right? Well, almost four million people like you are experiencing the same thing. Dry skin is a condition that many people are afflicted with. Due to factors like the environment, this pro...
What Are the Best Essential Oils for Warts Removal?
Having a wart is a pain that seems to be never-ending! They cause you chronic pain, physical discomfort, and emotional distress. Finding relief for these unsightly growths can often feel like an impossible task. Warts are hard to remove! Even with the most diligent use of medical treatments, some people still find them...
A Guide to Buying the Right Oil Burner Pipes for Essential Oil Burning
Many people need help in getting their essential oils to burn correctly. They either get the oil to stay lit or more light when it burns. Essential oils are becoming more popular globally. They are easily accessible and relatively inexpensive but understanding how to use them safely can be difficult. In addition...
Making a Perfect Match Using a Candle Fragrance Wheel
Your sense of smell has a profound impact on your mood. When you smell something unpleasant, the scent can trigger a negative reaction and affect your mood for hours or even days. On the other hand, the fragrance you wear can have an uplifting effect and make you feel more confident about yourself. But how do you find...
5 Ways to Smell Good Even With Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin is different for everyone; what might not irritate one person can be a nightmare for another. Some people are allergic to the chemicals in fragrances, soaps, and laundry detergents, while others might have psoriasis or eczema aggravated by these standard household products. When you have sensitive skin...
The Best Car Oil Diffuser - What to Look for in a Car Fragrance
The car's interior can get a bit smelly sometimes from all the fast food we eat, not to mention hair products and perfumes. Not only is this embarrassing for us, but it can also irritate people around us. Luckily for you, avoiding such smells and keeping your car clean can be so easy that you don't need to go through s
Lick Me All Over Oil: A Guide to a Complex Scent
Finding a perfume that's just right tricky. How often have you heard, 'It smells nice, but it's not me'? And how many perfumes are on the market in your favorite department store? A lot. Well, now there's one less to explore. Our spritzers did the hard work for you. With expert tips, quality images, and descriptions
The Complete Guide to Different Types of Musk Oils
Musk oils have been used in perfumes and fragrances for a long time. Different types of musks for other uses have been made through centuries, but what is the right one for you? The types of musk and their effects can vary based on who uses them and what kind of musk oils were used in making them. Various ingredients..