Rose Hydrosol Essential Oil

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Restore Your Skin With Rose Hydrosol Essential Oil

If you're beginning to notice unwanted blemishes or signs of aging with your skin, it's time to take action now. Fortunately, BargzUSA has you covered. Introducing our premium-quality rose essential oil, a powerful essence that is designed to bring out the best in your skin's health while making you smell great. Available in flat cap or roller bottle options, this 100% pure rose essential oil contains therapeutic hydrosol and comes in a variety of sizes depending on your needs. While our rose essential oil benefits the skin of many individuals, there are other perks when using this hydrosol. Featuring anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties, it can be used to alleviate skin infections or acne. However, one of the other rose essential oil uses is that it acts as a booster for natural hair growth. Plus, it makes an excellent aphrodisiac for those romantic nights on the town or candlelit dinner at home. See why people love our rose essential oil by purchasing today.


Rose Hydrosol

Rose Hydrosol

Flat Cap - 10ml
$9.99 USD