Ethiopean Myrrh Resin Rock Incense

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Enhance your most important spaces with Bargzoils Ethiopian Rock Myrrh.
One of the best resin incense in our expansive selection, Ethiopian Rock Myrrh will purify your surroundings, help with your medication and yoga routines, as well as make your religious rituals more meaningful. This incense can be burned alone but often works great when burned together with another type of resin incense such as frankincense. Get more value for money with premium Ethiopian Rock Myrrh from Bargzoils.


• ORGANIC MYRRH - This is organic quality myrrh that is grown, harvested, and processed without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides. GMO’s, herbicides, synthetic chemicals, and growth agents.

• GREAT FRAGRANCE - Our Ethiopian Rock Myrrh is one of the most aromatic resin incense in our vast collection. This incense releases a great fragrance and can be used as a perfume, meditation aid, and ritual incense.

• EASY TO USE - Bargzoils Ethiopian Rock Myrrh is super easy to use. It can be burned individually – or together with any other resin incense – using one of our screen burners or brass burners.

• RICH HISTORY - Myrrh fragrance has been used throughout history as a perfume, medicine, and incense. Since 1500 BC, the healing properties of this magical incense has been applied to rituals and other occasions.

          Refined quality original Myrrh          

To fulfil our commitment to quality, Bargzoils Ethiopian Rock Myrrh is produced in nature from 100% organically grown trees in the villages and desserts of Ethiopia. Our Myrrh resin is a natural gum that’s waxy and coagulates quickly. Typically, it’s harvested by repeatedly wounding the Commiphora myrrha tree to bleed them of the gum. Once harvested, this resin gum becomes hard and glossy and may turn yellowish (clear or opaque) as it is packaged. By packaging our Ethiopian Rock Myrrh in its original quality without any additives, we are able to deliver the best quality to our customers.

          Precautions for use          

• Not for use in pregnancy especial under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner
• Do not leave burning incense unattended
• Keep out of reach of children
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