Incense Stick Holder. Adorable Way To Hold Your Incense And Brighten Your Life. With Storage Compartment (H-103)

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This incense stick burner will hold your incense sticks and collect the ashes so you can protect your furniture and other items in your home. A hole at each end allows you to burn two incense sticks at the same time. This incense holder is particularly great if you’re looking to mix aromas. You’ll love the polished wooden finish and the fact that this burner works dependably with all standard incense sticks. Get more value for money with our premium dual stick incense burners. 

Bargzoils wooden incense burner is great for your meditation routines and yoga practice. It can be used for aromatherapy, reiki, sensual therapy, spa, positivism , worshiping, healing yoga, church, private parties, wedding events, and more. Stimulate creativity, boost concentration and enrich your environment with sensual aromas using this quality holder, and the vibrant variety of incense available in our collection.

The perfect holder for your yoga and meditation practice

 This holder is created from the best quality hued wooden material that is beautiful and sturdy. You get a durable incense burner that will serve you for a really long time.

Reliable Material

Our incense stick burner is a small and lightweight accessory that can hold your incense stick at home, the office, or anywhere else. Simply carry it in your bag ready to go when traveling.

Portable Size

This incense holder will draw compliments every time you have guests in your premises – thanks to its pleasant fine crafted look with a nice brown finish. Totally modern and classy with a rustic look.


Bargzoils incense sticks burner brings convenience everywhere you can use an incense stick. It’s ideal for spas, aromatherapy, sensual massage, meditation, yoga, reiki, and more.


Completely easy to use

This incense holder has holes that allow you to simultaneously burn two incense sticks. However, you can burn plenty of incense before you have to empty it. If you’re looking to burn incense in a larger room, this holder will spread the aroma round the entire room. Simply stick the bamboo end of your incense sticks to the drilled holes and burn the opposite end. Whether you’re planning a religious ceremony, a private dinner, or a relaxation routine after a hectic day out there, our premium burner will suffice.

A seamless incense experience

Bargzoils two stick burner is designed to bring the seamless incense experience so you can sit back and enjoy the smoky aroma of your favorite incense. This burner is particularly meant for use with Bargzoils branded incense but also works great with all other incense sticks. A rustic woody design blends perfectly well with your home or office décor. You can put this holder in any indoor or outdoor spot where you want to bring your incense, including the office, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garden, shrine, or religious temple.



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