Incense Stick Holder. Adorable Way To Hold Your Incense And Brighten Your Life. With Storage Compartment (H-131)

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Bring a hint of traditional art to your home with Bargzoils rustic incense stick burners. This tower incense holder is individually handcrafted by expert artists and features an aesthetic design that will blend in with your décor. The incense can be stored in a compartment at the base of the burner, with a removable top that allows easier when you’re putting incense in the burner.

Your incense burner for all occasions

Our standing incense burner is the perfect holder for all occasions. It accommodates multiple incenses at the same time, making it ideal for use in larger rooms. The base of the unit will reliably collect ashes while the tower part releases aromatic clouds of smoky fragrance.

This incense holder is a must-have addition for your meditation and yoga practice. It’ll also work great for worshipping, church, positivity, sensual therapy, reiki, aromatherapy, meditation, spa, relaxation, wedding events, and more. Stimulate creativity, increase concentration, and bring a sense of inner peace, relaxation, and centeredness to your most valuable spaces.


This vertical incense stick holder is handcrafted from one of the finest hued timber available. It features eye-catching carvings and a brass inlay that has been worked with intricate attention to detail.

Easy to Use

Bargzoils incense holders are designed for your convenience. Simply place your incense into the appropriate spots and burn all of them together to create your desired aroma. It’s that easy!


Bargzoils incense burners are designed to add aesthetic appeal to your spaces. This holder features a rustic wooden appearance that blends in with your décor, and bring a sense of style to your home.

Premium Holder

Our vertical incense burner is created for long term dependability. Enjoy the aroma of your favorite incense without ever having to worry about spilling ash on your furniture or other household items.

Reliable, dependable tower incense holder

Burning incense is great. It adds meaning to your prayer sessions and brings focus to your yoga or meditation practice. However, having to deal with ash and clean your floor is a discouraging factor for most people. Bargzoils vertical incense burner is designed to catch all the ashes so you can make the best out of your incense cones or ashes without creating a mess! This incense burner is super easy to clean and can hold up to 2 months of ashes without needing to be checked. It works great with all standardly sized incense sticks – and particularly our own collection of fragrant incense stick bundles.

Important product notes

      • Since each piece is individually handcrafted by an artisan, the size and color may be slightly different
      • Do not place this incense burner in windy outdoor areas because the ashes will easily spill out.
      • Avoid contact with direct sunlight because it can discolor this holder.
      • Always clean using a soft cloth with liquid polish in order to maintain the holder’s pristine look.


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