Lavender Incense Stick - 20 Pack

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 Lavender Natural Incense Stick [11 in] Lasting Relaxing Fragrance - 20 Pack
Create a mood of tranquility with one of the most popular Incense fragrances on Bargzoils. Lavender delivers the lovely, floral fragrance that so many know and love. Made for prayers or pleasure, this incense will help boost peace of mind, meditation relaxation, and serenity. It is also very popular in traditional aromatherapy applications. Bargzoils lavender incense bundle features a pack of 20 extra-long incense sticks that burn slower to release a longer-lasting fragrance. If you’re wondering where to buy the best Lavender fragrance to enrich your home or business environment, you have come to the right place.

Premium Quality from Bargzoils

Bargzoils lavender incense is crafted from a combination of pure floral essences and rare aromatic woods. Each stick is hand rolled to make this great incense that has been in use for over 3,000 years. You can take advantage of the highest quality Lavender incense for enhancing your environment, as well as adding meaning to your spells and rituals. One of our best selling products, Lavender incense burns to deliver an enchanting, lingering fragrance. In addition this pleasant aroma, Lavender is also known for its cleansing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties.

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