Eat It Raw Natural Incense Stick [11 inch] Long Lasting Exotic Fragrance Burning Sticks - 20 Pack

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Scent your environment with a mature fruity smell with Bargzoils premium Eat It Raw incense sticks. Burning incense sticks is an excellent way to bring a breathtaking natural aroma to your home while you relax, meditate, or practice yoga. Eat it Raw incense sticks are particularly ideal for individuals who are looking to enrich their household spaces with a calming, enjoyable scent.

Mature awakening scent
One of the most distinct qualities of Eat It Raw incense is its mature fruity scent that fills the air around you – invoking energized positive reactions from everyone in the room. This is a really nice scent to bring your favorite indoor and outdoor spaces – be it the patio, the living room, your bathroom, or even your bedroom. If you’re planning a romantic dinner with your significant other, nothing suits the occasion better than Eat It Raw incense.


• EXTRA LONG - Each incense stick in this pack measures 11 inches, which is way longer than most other products available in the market. Brighten your moments with our Eat it Raw incense.

• MULTI-PURPOSE - Our incense sticks burn for an elongated duration of time to suit diverse applications – from enriching your private moments to practicing yoga, meditation, and religious rituals.

• SUPER PACK - The Eat It Raw incense bundle is designed to be a super saver, with a total of 20 sticks in the pack. Get more value for money with quality incense from your #1 natural living brand.

• RELAXING - Looking to relax or soothe your senses after a hard day at work? Nothing works better than the calming Eat it Raw incense in your patio, living room, office, or any other location.

Why Eat it Raw Incense

Burn our Eat It Raw incense sticks to release fragrant smoke for religious, aesthetic, spiritual, cultural and meditation purposes.

 Air freshening – just like the oil-based fragrance, Eat It Raw incense is one of the best air freshening scents available in our collection. Simply burn a stick and put it near a window to emit the rich, mature fruity scent into your spaces.

 Increase positive energy – this premium incense will drive away negative energy and increase positive energy in your environment. Reading a book or engaging in some task at home, burn this incense to boost your moods and energize your immediate vicinity.

 Heighten sexual desire – laden with a mature fruity scent, Eat it Raw incense delivers natural pheromones – a powerful aphrodisiac. Increase sexual attraction, stimulate sexual appetite, and boost your confidence with Eat it Raw incense sticks.
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