Frankincense Incense Sticks - 20 Pack

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Frankincense Natural Incense Stick [11 in] Lasting Relaxing Fragrance - 20 Pack


Allow the invigorating aroma of Frankincense to instill true calmness into your relaxation and meditation sessions. Bargzoils Frankincense incense bundle is designed to inspire and uplift emotions and to boost general well-being. The first thing you’ll notice about these incense sticks is the rich, calming fragrance, which makes them an ideal addition to any room. It’s no wonder that Frankincense fragrance has been used as a traditional component to many spells and prayers. Fill your home or business fragrance with a sweet, serene scent that will last all days long.

Handcrafted quality incense

These are charcoal based incense sticks that are designed to enhance the atmosphere in your patio, living room, backyard, and even office. Since time immemorial, Frankincense incense has been used in purification, healing, and casting protective spells. This fragrant incense is also known for its prowess as an aid to meditation, astral, and spiritual strength. If you’re looking for the best quality frankincense incense to enrich your spaces or power up your rituals and ceremonies, this bundle is precisely what you need.





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