ONE NIGHT STAND Fragrance Oil For Women - Sample 3.69 ml (1 Per Customer)

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One Night Stand Perfume Oil, Sweet, And Musky Fragrance, Glass Amber Bottle

One Night Stand Fragrance Oil

One Night Stand is a luxury fragrance that combines sweet, mature, and musky aromas. This best selling blissful fragrance oil possesses a signature evocative and exotic aroma that is versatile and suitable to wear any time of the day but most especially at night. As a unisex fragrance, this is perfect for anyone who wants to feel confident and seductive. You’ll definitely want to be wearing this alluring scent on your next romantic encounter. One Night Stand Fragrance Oil truly lives up to its name. 


How to Use One Night Stand Fragrance Oil

The simplest and most popular way is to use this as a perfume. Rub it on the wrist, below the ears or at the back of the neck for an amazing scent. Dab it on any parts where you want to be kissed. Wear it anytime, anywhere and make heads turn as you walk by. 

Create a sensual scent in your room by using One Night Stand Fragrance Oil as an air freshener. Simply add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and shake well before spraying. 
Make your night a truly romantic and sexy one by putting a few drops of One Night Stand Fragrance Oil into the wax near the wick of unscented candles. The seductive scent and the candle lights will surely electrify your night. 
Give a new scent to your potpourri by adding several drops of One Night Stand Fragrance Oil to the bowl of dried flowers. The scent will bring back memories of a sweet, enjoyable moment you’ve had.
Take it to the next level and mix One Night Stand Fragrance Oil into a carrier oil and use it as a massage oil. Enhance a massage with a more pleasurable and exotic scent. 

      Top Notes

      • Fruity Floral
      • Tangelo
      • Pineapple
      • Strawberry
      • Purple Passion Fruit
      • Peach
      • Melon
      • Mandarin

      Middle Notes

      • Jasmine
      • Red Berries
      • Muguet
      • Peony
      • Vanilla
      • Orchid
      • Violet
      • Heliotrope
      • Cassie
      • Green Tea

      Base Notes

      • Musk
      • Sandalwood
      • Oak Moss
      • Ambergris
      • Pomegranate
      • Warm Amber
      • White Patchouli

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